Paris in Spring

Paris is definitely a black and white place for me. I enjoy photography here but its crowded and sometimes difficult to get simple pictures. This one was taken in the Tuilerie Gardens after a picnic with Su. The wind was blowing the fountain over the right hand side of the frame.

London in the rain (again)

It was supposed to be misty, so I got the early train to London and took the long route to work. In the end it just rained but there were some nice reflections and it wasnt too crowded.

Hiking in Tenerife

Three big hikes in Tenerife last week, including Masca valley (see pic). Really pleased with a couple of aspects. I doubted my ability to repeatedly walk the 4-5 hour sessions due to knee injury and thanks to walking poles this was all OK. Secondly for weight reasons I took my small Fuji camera with one single super-zoom lens. I was very pleased with the technical quality from such a basic set-up, it will be interesting to get some big prints.

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