It has continued to be amazingly hot, however I did a mid-week trip to the woods today to take a shot of the edge of the corn field. I spotted the interesting colours on my bike ride at the weekend. I think there is definitely something in this sort of work, I just need to refine it more.

Thorpe Bay

First time down at Thorpe Bay for ages, the weather forecast promised a good sunset but it didnt really arrive. 10 years ago it would have been taken on a Hasselblad and transparency film, today the technology is very different. The camera can record much more detail across the tonal range and this shot would have been impossible before. I must think of a project that involves the sea, its a great place to shoot.


Paris was great as usual but tricky to photograph. I didn’t really fancy doing more “street” photography and it was strong Summer lighting and 40 degree temperatures. In the mornings I spent time next to the river and got one or two I like. La Défense as usual was inspiring.

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