High Speed Train, Brussels

I didn’t have much of a photography plan for my trip to Aachen. I knew there would be lots of travel and train opportunities and thats been an interest for me recently. This photo was taken whilst at the station in Brussels. I think the passengers were on the opposite platform and the blur is from a departing TGV train.


Staggered along the beach at first light on my birthday to take a few shots of the beach huts. I was lucky with the light as soon after this was taken it clouded over for the rest of the day. Super impressed with the 23mm wide angle, there is zero distortion for what is a very wide field of view.

Bakerloo Station

Su and the girls were out in London for the afternoon so I did a walk around London. I tried a few shots at tube stations and the best location was Bakerloo with its wide, partly open platform. 

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