Snowdrops open up in the day and close in the evening. I had the idea of showing them asleep in this clearing. Whilst taking the long exposure a mountain biker passed through the scene. April 21

As you leave the wood, heading towards Gusted Hall there is a group of trees that sit in an open field. On this misty morning the sun is just about breaking through to illuminate the trees. April 2022

The Easterly side of the wood catches the sunrise first. This is where the Wood Ants build their giant nests. This scene was a real surprise as I turned the corner on a misty morning in April 21. The woods were deep in fog but on this corner the sun was poking through.

Strong sunlight picks out a plant on the woodland floor. May 2020

Young tree. May 2020

A Small Skipper sitting on Timothy grass in drizzle. June 21

Heath Fritillaries are a rare species in the UK. However they thrive on the Cow-wheat. This one is catching the heat from the last sun of the day. July 21

A giant Oak towers over a runner. August 2020

Fireweed is common in some of the clearings. It grows to around 7ft tall and has bright leaves and flowers. On this morning sunlight is heating up the wet plants causing water vapour to steam upwards. Aug 2020

On the border of the woods a farmer has sown wild flower seed. Aug 20

Sunrise over ferns at the Eastern edge of the woods. September 2021

Multi-coloured leaves float on the surface of one of the many ponds in the woods. November 21.

Freezing fog covers the ground in the early morning. Dec 22

The first snow of the year was very light with no wind. In the morning everything had a light dusting. Feb 21

Hockley Woods is described as the largest remaining area of the wild wood, which covered Essex after the Ice Age 10,000 years ago.

The woods are a complex mosaic of different trees, each species growing where conditions are most favourable. Oak and sweet chestnut grow on the higher ground; birch on the most acidic soils; hornbeam on the wet clays; willow, hazel and ash along the streams.

Many of the plants in the wood, such as the wild service tree, wood anemone, wood spurge and cow-wheat will only grow on the undisturbed soils of ancient woods.

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