Late Summer heat-wave

After a few weeks of miserable overcast weather and with most of the colourful flowers gone, I was starting to lose interest in the woods as a subject. I still walk there most days but weeks have gone without a decent picture. A small heat-wave in September provided some still, misty conditions. I was inspired by a recent Youtube video where the presenter was saying ferns were a great Summer subject matter.


A brand new Costa’s on the trading estate on the way to Southend. I saw the sign and wondered when it was going to open…This evening I was picking up Ruby and rushed a couple of shots off with my new 16-80 lens. I’ve learnt to check focussing carefully and turn the IS off now! Really pleased with the technical quality…Some nice cloud-illumination from the nearby airport.

Blue Moon

I needed to pickup Ruby from a party so this one was late, 11.30 in Leigh. It was a “blue moon” which really illuminated the landscape, I’m not so sure about the colour temperature, looks a bit eerie. I waited for a train to pass, it seemed to balance the composition and I’ll definitely return to do some more featuring the train/landscape. The composition looked awkward full-frame with an empty foreground, so I cropped to 6x12.

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