A brand new Costa’s on the trading estate on the way to Southend. I saw the sign and wondered when it was going to open…This evening I was picking up Ruby and rushed a couple of shots off with my new 16-80 lens. I’ve learnt to check focussing carefully and turn the IS off now! Really pleased with the technical quality…Some nice cloud-illumination from the nearby airport.

Blue Moon

I needed to pickup Ruby from a party so this one was late, 11.30 in Leigh. It was a “blue moon” which really illuminated the landscape, I’m not so sure about the colour temperature, looks a bit eerie. I waited for a train to pass, it seemed to balance the composition and I’ll definitely return to do some more featuring the train/landscape. The composition looked awkward full-frame with an empty foreground, so I cropped to 6x12.

Shoebury Garison

The rapid-firing battery at Shoebury Garison is a big ugly thing….but I was willing to give it a go. It was an August evening, really mild and I needed to pickup my daughter from a party so was killing time. In daylight the view from the other side looked best, but at night, with Canvey and the moon in the background this one looked better. LED bike light lifts the foreground slightly. Fuji XT-3 with 10-24 lens.

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