Back to Work

A work trip to Bristol took me through Paddington. In the early morning the light entered the station. Yet another back-lit commuter picture, I can’t seem to stop taking these…I thought that project was finished.

Caught in a downpour

Out drinking to celebrate Mae’s birthday in Oxford St when it started to rain and the sun came out. Whilst the others dived into the tube I walked towards the sun for a few minutes. I wasn’t expecting to have much time or opportunity for photography so I packed the small 27mm lens. This particular lens flares-up a lot when pointed in the sun but this adds to the impact I think. 

Late Summer heat-wave

After a few weeks of miserable overcast weather and with most of the colourful flowers gone, I was starting to lose interest in the woods as a subject. I still walk there most days but weeks have gone without a decent picture. A small heat-wave in September provided some still, misty conditions. I was inspired by a recent Youtube video where the presenter was saying ferns were a great Summer subject matter.

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