Boats in the dark

A mild but wet evening at old Leigh. The tide was going out and the boats resting on the mud meant they could be rendered sharply with a long exposure. As usual the glow from Canvey created some good colours in the sky. Spend a while chatting with Phil in the car park about Fuji cameras and Iceland where we both have planned trips this year.

Tenerife - Walks in the mountains

I did three quite big hikes this week in Tenerife. The most productive one was around the base of Tiede where there was some really atmospheric cloud cover. It was pretty cold at just below freezing but that led to some interesting pictures. All this week has been about walking and snatching photo’s where I can, hence used my small camera. The Los Legas walk was at around 2500 M and for the first time I noticed the effects of altitude on my breathing.

Even more freezing

Race at Stowmarket today, I competed then took photo’s afterwards. The fog created a great atmosphere and even though it was cold (-4) the odd bit of sun warmed things up. 

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