More Gusted Hall Trees

The walk towards Gusted Hall from Hockley Wood is a nice distance to do in the morning. The sunrise lasts from 7.30 to 8.30 then I walk back to work. There has been a wide variety of weather in the last week. I’ve been back nearly every day, not really sure where this is going. The scene is quite straightforward.

Gusted Hall

Its a good time of year to take sunrise pictures. I got up at 7.15 and walked through the woods to Gusted Hall. I missed the initial colours in the sky and was just in time to get this shot of the trees. I’m gradually getting back into landscape as I cant get to work in London for street photography…not a bad thing.

Back in the Lakes

Its been a long time since I have visited the lakes, the forecast for my trip with the family was pretty bad. 40mph winds and rain came and went through the day but we had a good time walking around Buttermere. This little submerged tree is famous amongst photographers, Fleetwith Pike is in the background.

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