The trouble with competing in an event is that you cant take photos at the same time. Earlier in the year there was a great, inspirational photo-journalism story that a Guardian photographer took of the UCI event in Ipswich. I did manage one or two images at my local league at the weekend and I’d like to do more. Maybe in the Summer at cross country…

Camera club fun

Our camera club moved location after lockdown and the new place has a field outside. We took a bit of a risk and held an outdoor “painting with light” session. This shot was taken with a mix of flash and a giant LED contraption waved around by a fellow photographer. The model has her eyes partially closed but I think that works ok.

Movement through the Woods

Throughout the last few weeks I’ve had a convoy of woodland workers pass me in their trucks early in the morning. My plan involved setting up before sunrise and waiting for them. On this morning nothing came along so I jogged through the scene with a LED light. It turns out that the crew were down a different track.

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