Running Club

My plan was to take a few shots of the Chalkwell Crowstone which is a 100m out on the mudflats from the beach. It was a very cold evening with freezing fog. On the way back to the car I saw a running club approaching. I quickly setup the camera, focussed (sort of), then fired the shutter. As the runners ran laps in front of the camera, their lights recorded on the sensor.


The picture above is of the Endeavour, a boat with a lot of history and one of the Dunkirk “little ships”. Normally I have to provide a little extra lighting but tonight the street lights and the moon did all the work. The tide was flooding in and this was the last exposure I got before the boat started to move around slightly. I’ve learnt to check now for sharpness straight after I’ve taken the shot.


I went to photograph a sea-scape at the Lobster Smack, Canvey. There is a little jetty there which I have photographed before at sunrise and sunset, I imagined a dusk/nigh-time photo would also work. When I got there, the tide was out and, the jetty was poorly lit and the sky was black with no interest. I may try another day.

Anyway, behind me was the Oikos oil storage facility with a little shed in front. I liked the view, it seems to summarise Canvey quite nicely, areas of housing next to heavy industry and a fair bit of nature as well.

I took a three-shot panorama and the I’m happy with the aspect ratio and end result.

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